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Holiday Cheer!

This is the time of year when we race from holiday party to holiday party mindlessly eating and drinking our holiday cheer! In the back of our minds we tell ourselves that when the new year begins we are going to go on a diet and be better about creating a healthy lifestyle. But for now, you tell yourself to eat and drink whatever you want and not worry about it! Every year you tell yourself that I bet, and how is that working out for you? I propose another approach to the holidays, how about giving yourself the gift of doing better than you have been from this moment forward!?

You are awesome!

Being healthy and fit is not about being a certain weight or a certain shape. Being healthy and fit is about nurturing our bodies with food that it can use so that it has all the components it needs to function well. Being healthy and fit is about keeping our bodies in motion so that it may distribute that vital nutrition and circulate its defenders of our health. The end result may be a sleeker version that has more energy, functions more efficiently and has a greater sense of enjoyment in daily life.

Commercial food

Has anybody else noticed that more and more commercials are telling us less and less?! In fact, a lot of the commercials don't even deal in any sort of reality. They must have figured out that we don't care too much about the content, it is the appeal and entertainment value that must inspire us to spend our money.

The importance of real food!

The following youtube video is really great to show how important it is to eat real food. It shows an accelerated version of what happens to the body if it is deprived of vital raw nutrients. This is why I have chosen Dr. Gundry's program as it approaches the importance of raw foods. Be forewarned, this video is disturbing because you witness generations of cats as their health declines. It's easy to recognize this deterioration in our society's health. Go to http://youtu.be/OvQ5F6GCfgI and take the 15 minutes that will change your life!


The great thing about modern society is that a lot of information is at your fingertips. One of the downsides of this access is the advertising that is attached to it. Television, radio, snail mail, magazines, billboards, buildings, cars, e-mail, and the banners on internet are telling you want you want and need! I am sure you can even come up with more to add to the list. It is so effective in telling us what we need that we truly lose track of what we actually do need!