Tahquitz Canyon Chiropractic is now Dr. Severson's Palm Springs Chiropractic, Inc. Same Dr. different address.


The great thing about modern society is that a lot of information is at your fingertips. One of the downsides of this access is the advertising that is attached to it. Television, radio, snail mail, magazines, billboards, buildings, cars, e-mail, and the banners on internet are telling you want you want and need! I am sure you can even come up with more to add to the list. It is so effective in telling us what we need that we truly lose track of what we actually do need!

Our bodies are designed to function utilizing the food that we eat. Our bodies evolved with access to natural foods like grazing animals, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and some grains. This is why I love the book “ Diet Evolution” by Dr. Gundry. His program is based on foods that were available during the evolution of our bodies, makes sense. Now, so much of our foods come in a box, bag or can with many ingredients that we don’t recognize! Think about it, some of the beverages that are common are nothing more than adding a few chemicals to water and then maybe adding some fizz. This has become the new normal and we do not even question it! It’s funny that most people think that I am a picky eater because I try to limit some of these fabricated foods. It used to be we couldn’t enjoy one of these fabricated foods unless we cleared our plates full of real food. Now, at the grocery store I see carts filled with nothing but fabricated food. Look around, does it appear to be working for us?!