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Commercial food

Has anybody else noticed that more and more commercials are telling us less and less?! In fact, a lot of the commercials don't even deal in any sort of reality. They must have figured out that we don't care too much about the content, it is the appeal and entertainment value that must inspire us to spend our money.

Here's a catchy jingle that we all can complete, "Like a good neighbor......." In the commercial a representative "pops" out of no-where to come to the rescue. We all know that can't really happen in life but we overlook the misrepresentation because it is amusing. Another such commercial features little animated scrubbing characters that do all the cleaning for you when you use that product. Again no content, just entertainment. I guess the entertainment factor is supposed to distract us from thinking about being exposed to all those harsh chemicals.

My pet peeve with food commercials is that they promote the food they fabricated, stripping all the nutrition out of it, and then synthetically putting some back into their product. The commercials then diminish an actual food like a carrot to promote their product as a healthier better tasting ACTUAL food! No wonder society has become so perplexed about their weight and health issues when they are learning their nutrition from commercials.