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Holiday Cheer!

This is the time of year when we race from holiday party to holiday party mindlessly eating and drinking our holiday cheer! In the back of our minds we tell ourselves that when the new year begins we are going to go on a diet and be better about creating a healthy lifestyle. But for now, you tell yourself to eat and drink whatever you want and not worry about it! Every year you tell yourself that I bet, and how is that working out for you? I propose another approach to the holidays, how about giving yourself the gift of doing better than you have been from this moment forward!?

You may be asking yourself, "How is starting my diet during the holidays a gift and not just torture?" Because you know in the back of your mind you are ALWAYS thinking about your over-indulging, continuing the negative thoughts. I bet one of the more frequent conversations you have with others is how much weight you need to lose and how after the new year you are going on a diet! Well to me, THIS is torture and self deprecating. How can this constant mind torment bring about true cheer for the holiday?!

My proposal is to start your path to losing weight and becoming healthier now, during the holidays, so that you can truly enjoy the holiday cheer without internal negative chatter. I am not saying give up all of the food and drink that you typically enjoy over the season, but just modify. Maybe start by monitoring the portion size of all the holiday foods you enjoy during the season. One approach is eating something healthy before you go to a party so that you are not hungry, or take some insoluble fiber to feel full. You still must monitor the mindless eating. Maybe, have some soda water in place of a drink which will also aid in keeping your hands occupied. I am not saying stop the drinking, but it will help cut it back!

The last component to starting this endeavor over the holidays is to acknowledge the changes that you have made for your health. If you had two drinks and one soda water, when you normally would have three drinks you need to stop and appreciate that accomplishment. If you had everything that was on the snack table except the difference is that the portions were smaller, that needs to be acknowledged in your mind. Even if your attempted to eat something healthy before the event and you didn't feel it curbed your consumption, acknowledge that you tried to do something different and next time it will be better.

Taking the time to acknowledge the changes you made during the holidays will take away that gnawing guilt and negative chatter in your head. Replacing that negativity with some sense of accomplishment will help you to truly enjoy more holiday cheer. Instead of talking about how you will be going on a diet, perpetuating that negative feeling, you can share with others how you have already started. Perhaps if you explain it to them they will be able to enjoy true holiday cheer too!