Have a large life,
don’t be too large for your life!


Weight issues are a growing health problem and are an alarming trend. I want to empower you to reach your health and weight goals for free!


All the information you need is on Largelife.me to get you started on your journey. It’s a unique and comprehensive free program. Dr. Severson will blog more tools, food for thought and emotional support to stay on track!


I will offer you bite sized pieces of useful information that are easy to digest!

Over time, gain the knowledge and the strength to make changes and better choices!

Recommended Resources:

You can follow my recommended resources, use one of your own, or just follow my blog to get a little information and inspiration!

So even if you have fallen “off course”, just keep following. It will keep you connected and you will get back “on track.”

Always work with your MD before starting and during your journey.