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Zinc Lozenges with Slipper Elm

90 Lozenges

Zinc Lozenges with Slipper Elm
Shown to cut cold and flu misery by 50%!

Zinc stimulates the activity of about 300 enzymes and fortifies the immune system. Taking the best zinc lozenge is important for maintaining the body's natural defense system during the cold season—and throughout the year.
Studies have shown that if taken every two waking hours at the beginning onset of symptoms the severity and duration is cut by 50%, taken only until feeling better.
Zinc (Aspartate, Citrate Chelate)15 mg
Potassium (Potassium Ascorbate)28 mg
Slippery Elm25 mg
Other Ingredients:
Fructose, honey powder, lemon juice powder, vegetable stearates, natural silica.

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