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Thinking about your health for 2015!

OK, NOW YOU HAVE DONE IT! Now you have decided to look at or even possibly follow my blog to help you start 2015 right! This is definitely a first great step, just remember to bookmark my blog and keep checking on it every couple of days. The next thing you need is to begin making a plan, including a schedule. Did you pick what eating program you are going to follow? You don’t have to follow the “Diet Evolution” as I suggested, but you need to get and start following something healthy! Now, sit down and write (type) out your schedule.

2015- A healthy year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! With the new year comes resolutions, the best intentions, and then regret when we feel we have failed. For most of us it is to go on a diet, exercise, and lose weight. Luckily, my resolution is right up that ally! Mine is to help as many people as I can attain better health with life changes that will include diet and exercise, which coincidently is how we lose weight! When you feel like you have failed you often discard all of the positive changes you have made and go back to your old ways, which obviously wasn’t working for you.