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The Doctor

My inspiration to become a promoter of health.

Dr. William Severson has been working in the health industry for over 25 years, and has had a practice in the desert area for about 16 years. His relentless drive has exposed him to a wide variety of healing arts and have provided him with a wealth of knowledge. His goal has been to reach as many people as possible to share his knowledge and ideas, create health, and contribute to the community.

Dr. Severson takes a unique, eclectic and comprehensive approach to his patient’s health. Drawing from his vast experiences and training he is able to put together the most effective treatment programs specific to each individual’s needs.


  • Move It, Don’t lose It! A program individually created for your specific goals. Mobility, posture or strength.
  • Don’t Wait, Feel Great! Programs designed to help you overcome health obstacles from chronic inflammation to low energy.
  • Large Life! Program to help you manage weight, stress, and get the most out of life!

Along with the many years of clinical experience, the following are some of Dr. Severson’s more formal educational qualifications:

Dr. Severson’s doctorate training was completed at Northwestern Health Sciences University where he studied Chiropractic and Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture.

Bachelor of Arts studies include pre-med, business, and dance from: Northwestern University, Luther College, and University of Minnesota



  • Life Extension/Aging
  • Nutrition/Disease
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Cranial/Sacral
  • Various Meditation/Philosophy Programs
  • Reiki Certified, trained by a true Reiki Master
  • Certified fitness trainer, AFAA

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